Married Couples Sleeping Apart
The marital bed, once considered a symbol of holy matrimony, is on its way out. The National Sleep Foundation says nearly 25% of married couples in the United States now sleep in separate beds. They aren't the only organization noticing the change...
Does Marriage Make Men Healthier?
“It makes even less sense when you realize that being single is bad for your health.”
My friend Kim made this statement during a heated group discussion about men and marriage a few weeks ago.
Engaged Couple Found Out They Were Siblings
If you’re looking for a “soul mate” at your family barbeque, not only are you a redneck, but you may be a bit crazy. Sometime, weird things happen. Like for example, what if you found out the woman you were sleeping with for five years was your sister? Fac…
Engaged Couple Found Out They Were Siblings
A South African couple got the shock of their life, when, after five years of dating, they discovered they are actually brother and sister! To make matters worse they are expecting their first child! This sounds like a story out of a Lifetime movie, but it really happened! All I can say is it makes …