Farrah Abraham In Lingerie Drinking / Making Out
"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham appears to be party girl. Last week she got a DUI and tried to say it was caused by an "illness". Was that illness partying too much? These pictures from TMZ show Farrah in lingerie, drinking, and kissing other girls. Something tells…
Woman in Bra is a Dancing Machine
Exercise is a broad term that encompasses many activities. A woman in Casper, Wyoming decided her favorite way to exercise was to dance around her driveway to Katy Perry while wearing just her bra and jeans.
5 Pieces of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own
For men, what we wear under our clothes really isn’t that important. For what she’s wearing under her clothes is almost as important as the outfit itself. The right lingerie can make clothes fit perfectly, as well as looking amazing.
Woman Fired From Lingerie Store For Being Too Busty
We know the complaints, but generally speaking, owning a voluptuous chest is a big life advantage. Not so much for Lauren Odes of New Jersey — The 29-year-old claims she was fired from her job because she was too hot and her boobs were too large. And, get this, she worked in a linger…
Lingerie Football League Goes (Down) Under
Recently, the LFL announced it would forego the 2012 spring-summer season in the US so it could help promote the organization internationally and to build buzz for LFL Canada’s debut in the fall of 2012. The league also indicated the US division would resume play in 2013...
Lingerie Football League Needs More Fights [VIDEO]
The Lingerie Football League is still alive and punting. Hey, if the WNBA can survive, there is no reason women in their underwear playing football can’t find a niche audience. The LFL needs is a hook. Something to keep eyeballs glued to TVs when watching women run around in their un…

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