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Zach Names New Cat After John Lennon Song [VIDEO]
After vowing never to get another cat because of the heartbreak experienced when my cat of 18 years died, I am now a new cat owner. Yes, I spent many years grumbling that I never wanted another cat. But, this cat's circumstances were dire, and he needed a place to live. So, to make a long story shor…
Top 10 John Lennon Love Songs
Upon closer inspection of his impressive discography, it’s obvious that John Lennon could write a beautiful sentiment with the best of his generation’s songwriters.
New Film ‘Imagines’ a Life Inspired by John Lennon
Classic rockers are featuring quite a bit in the plots of movies these days. Last month, 'Not Fade Away,' a film about New Jersey teenagers inspired by the Rolling Stones to form a band, opened in theaters. This spring will see the beginning of production on 'Imagine,' in which a…

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