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John Lennon’s Childhood Home Going to Auction
The current owner of John Lennon's boyhood home is looking for a larger garden, so he's putting the historic red-bricked terrace house up for auction later this month. The late Beatle's first home will go to the highest bidder on Oct. 29.
Zach Names New Cat After John Lennon Song [VIDEO]
After vowing never to get another cat because of the heartbreak experienced when my cat of 18 years died, I am now a new cat owner. Yes, I spent many years grumbling that I never wanted another cat. But, this cat's circumstances were dire, and he needed a place to live. So, to make a long story shor…
Top 10 John Lennon Love Songs
Upon closer inspection of his impressive discography, it’s obvious that John Lennon could write a beautiful sentiment with the best of his generation’s songwriters.

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