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Where Are They Now? – Jimmy Buffet [VIDEO]
At times, we feature a look at legendary musicians and where they are now. In the case of Jimmy Buffet, he's everywhere! From a string of restaurants and resorts to his own brand of beer (Landshark Lager anyone?), Jimmy is just about everywhere you look.
David Bowie, Paul Simon Percussionist Ralph MacDonald Dies at 67
Percussionist Ralph MacDonald, the hidden force behind platinum selling songs and albums from artists like David Bowie, Paul Simon and Jimmy Buffett, died on Sunday (Dec. 18) at age 67. Known as “the ghost,” MacDonald’s Caribbean style on congas and dozens of other hand drums and music-makers helped…
Jimmy Buffett Is Not Dead!
Jimmy Buffett posted a video message to the fans who thought he kicked the bucket in Australia saying, “The reports of my death are grossly over-exaggerated.”
Jimmy Buffet Hospitalized
Jimmy Buffett was rushed to a hospital in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday after the 64-year-old singer fell off the stage and remained unconscious for several minutes.