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“White Room” By Cream- Song Facts And History
Ever wonder if great guitarist shared ideas? Of course they did! Eric Clapton took a lesson out of Jimi Hendrix's book with the song "White Room". Clapton used a Wah-Wah pedal on his guitar, which he got the idea from Hendrix. Here's a couple other song facts about &q…
Jimi Hendrix Live At Woodstock
Maybe one of your biggest regrets is that you weren't able to see Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock. Well guess what, you don't have to live in regret any longer. On November 26th, the day before what would have been Jimi Hendrix‘s 70th birthday, select movie theaters around the globe w…
Jimi Hendrix’s Dad Wasn’t a Fan of His Singing
For millions of fans, Jimi Hendrix's musical legacy is beyond reproach -- but he wasn't above a little criticism from his father Al, who reportedly thought he would have been better off finding a different singer for the Experience.

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