New Pepsi Special Blocks Fat
If you love soda, and want to lose weight, it's a tough road to be on. Diet soda never seems to taste like regular soda and your options are very small. Well if you plan on heading to Japan any time soon Pepsi might have a soda for you. Introducing Pepsi Special.
Lost Parakeet Gives His Own Address
Chip Douglas here and how about some strange news for your Monday?  I couldn't believe this one when I read it.  Not unbelieveable, I guess.  Read on!
EMI Charity Album Raises $5 Million For Japan
Relief efforts in Japan have received a boost from some of the biggest names in music. “The Songs For Japan” compilation album has now raised $5 million for the Japanese Red Cross Society, based on the first month’s sales of the digital release and the phy…
Lennon, Dylan Appear On ‘Songs For Japan’
John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John are among the artists featured on the 38-song charity album being released by Universal Records for Japan Disaster Relief. The album costs $9.99 and is available through iTunes for purchase and download.
Keith Richards Joins Japanese Relief Effort
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has joined the Japanese relief efforts by designing a limited edition benefit T-shirt. The shirt is based on a photograph taken by Claude Gassian of the band’s “Steel Wheels” tour in 1990. Available in classic and fi…
Earthquake Scams
Scammers already are trying to take advantage of the outpouring of compassion following Japan’s earthquake and tsunami disaster. FBI spokeswoman Jenny Shearer says one fraudulent scheme involves