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Illinois Man Tries To Pick Fight With Police
Usually a good rule of thumb is to not threaten a cop. It'll never work, and it'll never lead to a good a outcome. Just don't do it. If you don't believe me listen to this: an Illinois man found himself behind bars after calling 911 to report a fight that he wanted to have with a…
Meth Lab Found In Canastota
Have you ever watched the TV show “Breaking Bad”? It's about a high school teacher who turns to using his expertise in chemistry to provide money for his family, by producing the world's highest quality crystal Meth. Well maybe you're thinking a Meth lab is…
Syracuse Woman Tries To Steal Purse In Turning Stone
One of the nicest venues in this region has to be the Turning Stone Resort and Casino. Whether your gambling on the gaming floor, or catching music performances out of this world in the Event Center and The Showroom, The Turning Stone always delivers. One thing often over looked is how amazing the s…
The Incredible Hulk Robs Bank In Hamburg New York
Could you imagine walking into a bank and spotting the Hulk? Would he be angry at line, or angry at the ATM realizing his check didn't clear? Maybe he wouldn't be such a nice guy and he'd rob the place. A man disguised in an Incredible Hulk mask did just that in Hamburg New York. No o…
Man Arrested For Chocking Black Swan
Anyone who abuses animals is just plain stupid to begin with. So with that being said, a Florida man decided to choke a black swan instead, and is now facing animal cruelty charges.
Whitesboro Man Charged With Stealing Electricity
This time of the year is generally the worst time for your National Grid bill. You’re busy setting your heat to 62 trying to save money. Either way, you have to pay the bill every month unless you want to live in the stone age. This guy in Whitesboro thought he could get a free ride.
Albany Woman Brings Pot To Inmate Here In Marcy
Usually a good rule of thumb is you don't bring drugs into a jail. Chances are, you will get caught. It's going to happen. Some would think this would be filed under: “Common Sense”. Of course most people lack it, and apparently right here in town. Here's y…
Injured Inmate Caught Doing Pushups
A prison inmate in Iowa tried to get out from behind bars by claiming he was so disabled that he couldn't use his arms. Now seems like a good way to get out of prison, except his plot was foiled when he was caught doing push-ups in his prison cell.

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