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Drunk Driver Had Monkey In His Truck
Any police officer will tell you that dealing with a drunk driver can be extremely strange. After all, drunk people aren’t noted for their calm, reasonable reactions to a stressful situation, or their refusal to engage in ridiculous hijinks. Still, one drunk driver might take the c…
Man Arrested For Using A Fake Jack Nicholson ID
From the files of people I’m still shocked are relevant in 2012, let’s focus our attention on Jack Nicholson. His last decent movie was back in 2007, and some how his name is still in headlines. One Brazilian man helped bring Jack back to life.
Richmond Woman Fakes Cancer To Raise Money
Every year I’m proud to say that I take part in the Relay for Life. I walk the track at The School of Deaf in Rome New York and help raise money for our team “Today’s Hope, Tomorrow’s Promise”. I would never in a million years guess that someone could be such a horrible of a person and fake cancer.…
Cops Bust Fellow Cop for Stealing Food
Where’s one place in on the entire planet you would hope people would never steal from? How about a Police department? You would easily get caught, and you’d hope it wouldn’t happen. Well think again.
Two Men Make Radar Gun Out Of Magazines
Ever get pulled over for speeding? Usually they explain it was due to something on the radar that sent a red flag up about your speeding. Well, in Georgia, two men tried pulling over drivers using a "radar gun" made of a rolled up magazine only to run into an off-duty cop in the pr…
Utica Police Arrest Three For Burglary
Utica Police have arrested three people following a burglary at a home on William Street. Police say they found a large sum of money in the vehicle that was allegedly taken in the burglary.

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