Have You Been Making Ice Cubes Wrong All These Years? [VIDEO]
Apparently I, along with many others, have been making ice cubes the wrong way, or the slower way.  You would think that something as simple as filling up an ice cube tray wouldn't be that difficult, and it isn't, we've just been using the wrong temperature of water to fill them.
Ice Harvest Festival This Saturday
If you're looking for something to do with the family this Saturday, head to the Ice Harvest Festival at Hanford Mills Museum. Where is Hanford Mills, New York, you ask? Not that far from Oneonta. Here's more about the Ice Harvest Festival.
Chowdown With Chip – Tuesday 1/25 Add Some Ice
Though the increase is modest, there is some evidence that drinking cold water can cause a slight surge in metabolic rate. Since your body maintains a core temperature around 98.6°F, cold water will be brought to that temperature after being consumed and calories are burned during the warming pr…