Hurricane Joaquin Could Affect New York State
Hurricane Joaquin has formed in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas. As of Wednesday September 30, the track of the storm remains undefined but could bring substantial rain to portions of New York State this weekend.
Hurricane Sandy Photo Gallery for Central New York
As Sandy hits the Utica area, show us what Sandy looks like from your perspective. Share your photos of Sandy and the hurricane damage in Central New York through twitter and the hashtag #CNYSANDY and we will feature those images here.
Try our Hurricane Drinking Game To Make Horrible Weather Fun
Summer is one of our favorite times to booze. There’s nothing like cracking open a beer on the beach, or sipping on a whiskey on the back porch in a T-shirt and shorts. Though our favorite season is beginning to wane, east coasters are still smack in the middle of hurricane season, w…