Louis C.K. Gives It To Us About Social Media And Cell Phones
You know what makes comedians so funny? Because they take sad truths about life and dumb things that we all do and shroud them in humor and we all laugh at this sneaky sermon because he just got us all dead to rights. If comics make us laugh while they preach, there is no sting like there would be..…
A Night In The Life Of A Cover Musician (NSFW)
As cover musicians we can make you feel absolutely amazing (or maybe it's the alcohol) simply by playing a song in front of you that you'd only previously heard on the radio, not to mention that you can get that high for far less than you'd pay to see the actual artists
Utica Craigslist Missed Connections- Drive Thru In Rome
Are you looking for love? Look no further than Utica Craigslist Missed Connections! Someone may already be looking for you! If you are a woman who works at a fast food place in Rome, you better watch out for the man of your dreams! He's even married already!

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