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Beer Makes Men More Creative
Maybe you need some inspiration. Maybe you need some fresh new ideas. You’re thinking hard and just can’t seem to see what’s going to help you at the end. The answer is right in front of you the entire time, beer.
4 Powerful Ways To Eliminate Stress
Stress wasn’t discovered until the late 1950s. Nowadays it seems like almost everyone can be stressed out. Yours truly was stressed this morning when the alarm clock didn’t seem to work. Te hardest part of being stressed out is keeping it under control
Sore Throat Cure- Drinking Utica Club
These past few weeks have been extremely brutal for colds, flus, and allergies. With the changing of warm, to cold, to super warm, to freezing, our bodies have been pushed to the limit. There's nothing fun about getting sick, there is fun to be had in the recovery stages. Until now.
5 Bad Habits That Are Good For Your Health
As we all know by now bad habits in moderation can actually be good for you. The key is for you to not over do it. That’s the problem, people usually do over do it. Ladies Home Journal reported on five habits that get a bad rap, but can be good for you. Here are tips and tricks on ho…