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Clinton Art & Music Fest With ‘Greg On The Go’ [VIDEO]
For those who say there's nothing to do in central New York, just check our events page. There are always things going on, and last Saturday, my wife and I had a chance to enjoy the 9th annual Clinton Art & Music Festival, on the Village Green and throughout the Village of C…
Free Beer Tip With ‘Greg On The Go’ [VIDEO]
If you listen to 96.1 WODZ weekday afternoons, you may hear our "Beer Break At Work" at 3:20. Obviously, you can tell that I'm interest in the topic of beer. So, I thought for our latest video episode of "Greg On The Go", we would focus on suds!
On Vacation With ‘Greg On The Go’ [VIDEO]
Remember that old Rolaids TV commercial when the announcer asked, "How do you spell relief?" Well, I think the answer this time of year may be v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n, especially when you have a relaxing place with beautiful scenery. That's just what we found last week in Sedona, Ariz…

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