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Lions Ndamukong Suh Stomps Packers Player, Gets Ejected [VIDEO]
Detroit Lions player Ndamukong Suh said after the game he'd never intentionally do something to cause his team to lose a game - like get a flagrant personal four penalty after the Lions had stopped the Packers on 3rd and goal.  But that's exactly what happened in the Thanksgiving Day …
11 Disasters That Can Ruin the Green Bay Packers
The Green Back Packers are a sterling 9-0 after the team’s 45-7 thumping of the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. While many pundits think the defending Super Bowl champs have the horses to complete a perfect season, there are potential pitfalls.
Artist Turns Food Into ‘Fan Art’
An anonymous Rhode Island artist takes edible staples of tailgating and NFL Sunday feasting and turns them into the ultimate form of sports fanhood. Translation: he makes sports logos out of food.
You Can Buy Stock In The Green Bay Packers
You can be an NFL owner! Yes, you. The Green Bay Packers are getting ready for a new stock sale before the end of 2011. Your $200 will buy you one share in the NFL's only publicly owned francise. Your stock includes voting rights, annual meetings at Lambeau Field, and tours of the field an…
Reasons Why The Packers Will Win
It's pretty dangerous to come out and say what team I think will win the super bowl. The Jets didn't make it so I have to go with another team. This year I've picked the Packers. Here's some good news for Green Bay Packers fans, I've got some reasons why the Green …