5 Things You Should NOT Do At Your Kid’s Graduation
It's that time of year - graduation!  Time to wrap up the school year with a BIG assembly that's sure to aggravate a few friends and neighbors.  I'm talking about peoples' selfish behaviors.  Let's take a look at some things you (and your neighbors) should try…
Illinois High School Mother Walks Stage At Graduation For Son
Four days before the high school graduation ceremony at Thornton Fractional North High School in Chicago, the school lost its homecoming king and star quarterback 18-year-old Aaron Dunigan. How did the school handle the graduation ceremony? By honoring the boys mother and letting her walk …
Congratulations To Area College Graduates
This is a big weekend in central New York for college graduations, and we would like to congratulate the all local grads and their families on this accomplishment. Check out the college commencements going on in our area this weekend.

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