Zoosk Celebrates Oktoberfest With Love Survey
The website Zoosk recently conducted a survey among 2,800 single beer drinkers to see what their beer choice says about their dating preferences and personality. Here's what we learned with the Oktoberfest love survey:
University At Buffalo Top College For Hookups
You always see articles explaining how New York makes lists of most beautiful fall foliage, best state fair, and of course best apples. One list you may not think New York landed on was for college hookups. University At Buffalo came in as the number 2 college in America for hookups.
Yoda To Be The Subject Of A Future Star Wars Movie?
Do or do not, there is no try... The rumor mill is all fired up about the new Star Wars 7 flick for 2015(ish), but Disney says they're going to be doing some one-shot movies along the way that are not part of the new trilogy based on single characters, one of which might feature our favorite li…