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Free Golf Lesson – Watch Chip Shot [VIDEO]
If you're in a golf league or just get out on the links on the weekend, you'd probably like to shave a few strokes off your score (I'd like to shave a few dozen strokes off mine). One way to do that is by improving your chip shots. Help is on the way!
Free Golf Tip From One Of The Best In The Game [VIDEO]
We're in the middle of golf season here in central New York, and if you're heading out to the links or participate in a golf league, here's a free tip that may save you some strokes. Watch one of the best golf instructors show you how to hit from an uphill lie.
Stop Topping Your Fairway Wood Shots [VIDEO]
If you're a Saturday afternoon golfer or in a weeknight golf league, you may be looking for ways to cut strokes from your game. One of my biggest problems as a golfer (other than the entire game of golf) is topping the ball, especially fairway woods. Here's a brief video lesson how to stop…
Improve Your Putting With Help From A Golf Pro [VIDEO]
I'm not much of a golfer. In fact I thought it was a big deal when I broke 100 (for the front nine). But for years, everyone told me that you can cut some serious strokes from your score if you improve your putting. So, here's a free lesson from one of the best.