The Fusion of Utica and Cincinnati “Cuisine”
I was raised in Central New York, but I lived in Cincinnati in the late 90's for about 3 years.  I was working in radio, and as most people in the business do, I bounced around a few markets around the US before landing back in Utica to raise a family.
Behind The Scenes At Piggy Pat’s
It's finally here. A hot dog that's healthy for you and it's made locally. You and the kids need to taste this for yourself. It's currently available on the menu at Piggy Pat's or by the package at Chanatry's and Piggy Pat's.
Best Ballpark Food [VIDEO]
PLAY BALL!!! When you hear that it's also time to scope out the menu at the ballpark. It's not just peanuts popcorn and cracker jacks any more. Our taste buds have evolved. We now crave foot long corn dogs, 8lb burgers and a grilled cheese with 9 different kinds of cheese.

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