Enjoy National Salsa Month In May [VIDEO]
Among other things, May is "National Salsa Month". In the Greg McShea household, we have our favorite brand: Newman's Own Salsa (Medium). Maybe you have a favorite brand or even make your own! Here's more on the subject.
Let’s Get Grilling [VIDEO]
Now that we are into warmer spring weather (hopefully) in central New York, many of us will take that cover off the gas grill and start those cookouts! And there are a few tips that can help you cook those meats and veggies just right.
A Solution To Squeezing Watery Ketchup [VIDEO]
Now that we're approaching backyard barbecue season, we focus on an age-old problem...the watery ketchup squeeze. You know how when you first squeeze ketchup out of the bottle on your burger and that watery stuff comes out first (yech)! Now, some high school kids have found the solution. (By th…
10 Most Fattening Foods In The World [VIDEO]
Still counting calories to live up to that New Year's resolution to lose weight? By now, many of us are probably saying, "What New Year's resolution"? Even if you think that you're indulging in high caloric foods, you might feel better about what you're eating w…
Save Money On Generic Items
When I go grocery shopping, I buy mostly brand name items. I won't settle for anything less than Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise, but if I did, I could save some serious dough (no Pillbsbury "Dough Boy" pun intended). Here's how you can save dollars at the store buying ge…
Corned Beef And Cabbage Made Easy [VIDEO]
It will be the "wearing of the green" in the McShea household for sure on St. Patrick's Day, and there just might be an Irish dish on the table. The traditional fare for St. Pat's is corned beef and cabbage. My father used to make it better than anyone, and although I don…
Chef Greg’s Family Potato Soup Recipe
At times, I put on the chef's hat and apron at home and cook a little something. This week, I was challenged by my family to try to make my dear old dad's potato soup. My father passed away several years ago, but I think I remember how he made it. Check this out.

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