Everything You Need to Know About The 2016-17 Flu Season
Anyone who has ever had the flu knows how miserable that experience is. From the common flu, to the Swine Flu of a few years back the symptoms are crippling. Commonly fatigue, nausea, the chills, and body aches accompany the influenza virus. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid catching this c…
Have You Heard Of Pet Flu?
Here’s something we typically don’t think about when it comes to flu season. There is such a thing called K-9 influenza and your pooch could very well get it.
Foods To Help Fight Your Flu
It's cold and flu season. It's gone around our house and our building at work. How can you avoid getting sick? Wash your hands. If you've already gotten the flu, try these foods to help fight it off, or reduce the length of your symptoms.
Flu Shot Season Is Underway
As I drive around the Utica-Rome area, I notice that just about every pharmacy and drug store has a sign outside promoting "flu shots." Now that fall has arrived, many of us are thinking about flu vaccinations to prepare for the upcoming flu season. But, who should get flu shots?
Eating Chicken Soup To Battle The Common Cold
When people call it "the common cold", it sounds like just a little inconvenience. But when I have a cold, it's "common misery". I remember when my father had a cold, the whole family was on high alert as he didn't wear it well. We all know that there&ap…
Stay Healthy During Flu Season [VIDEO]
During the past couple of weeks, a number of people all around me have been coughing, sneezing and hacking, and that includes me. Hopefully, we've all just been battling winter colds, but it is flu season, so you  have to be careful not to be exposed to flu germs.

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