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Rival Restaurants Engaged In Heart-Stopping Legal Drama
There are a slew of legal debacles that have dominated the headlines in recent weeks. Barclays’ cross-continental interest rate fixing. ‘Obamacare’ passing. Anderson Cooper coming out. (Okay, maybe that one isn’t a legal debacle.) But honestly, all these cases hold little water when compared to the …
New Deep Fried Version Of The McRib
McRib fans, it's time to plan your next trip to Austria. In that country, McDonald's has just launched the limited edition McRibster which is basically a breaded and deep-fried version of the McRib.
Creepy Ingredients Really Found In Fast Food
Modern family life in 2012 includes drive-thrus for convenient meals. Nobody would claim that these fast food meals are healthy, but they're not that terrible, are they? Well think again. Here’s a list from MNN of creepy mystery ingredients in fast food:
US Government Mandates Fast Food Nutrition Labeling
In an effort to help people make more informed choices when eating away from home, the federal government is introducing mandatory nutrition labeling for fast food menus and vending machines.
Items sold at movie theaters are exempt, which is odd given what calorie bombs those snacks can be.
The proble…
7 Things Guaranteed To Cost More As Gas Prices Go Up
While you are crying at the gas pump with the ever-rising gas prices, consider this: As transportation costs start to build up everything will get more expensive. has listed other things that are sure to get more expensive along with the price of gas...

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