Check Out ‘Best Bars In America’ On Esquire [VIDEO]
To prepare for your "Beer Break At Work" on 96.1 WODZ weekdays at 3:20 p.m., I often do reasearch on the subject. Sometimes I get ideas by watching "Best Bars In America" on the Esquire Network. Actually, I seldom get ideas from this show, but the two guys hosting…
‘Brew Dogs’ Pour It On Every Week [VIDEO]
A couple of weeks ago while channel surfing, I discovered the "Brew Dogs", two young and very Scottish brewmasters who host a TV show on the new Esquire Network. If you're into craft beer like I am, or not, these guys are funny and go on very interesting adventures.
Carly Craig Shows Us Her Sexy Side for Esquire
Last week, we showed you the place of 2012′s Sexiest Woman Alive as voted Esquire’ readers, Sara Jean Underwood. This week, Esquire takes us into the abode of ‘that hot funny girl’ we all know but can’t quite place, actress-comedienne Carly…