Farewell Song For Payton Manning
It's official. Four-time MVP Payton Manning is no longer an Indianaplis Colt. The Colts cut ties with their superstar quarterback a day before Manning was due a $28 million dollar roster bonus. The Colts, who have the first pick in April's NFL draft, have decided to rebuild around Stanford…
Old Rock Star Songs
It's true. We're not getting any younger. Neither are our favorite singers and bands. While I think it's great that my childhood favorites continue to tour and perform, like the Eagles, Eric Clapton, and Neil Diamond, I think they should change some of the lyrics to their songs to ref…
Henley To Be Honored On Capitol Hill
Don Henley will be honored in Washington next month. He’s getting the first-ever Recording Artists’ Coalition Award. The Recording Academy says
Eagles: New Kid In Town
Today's Classic Video Clip features the Eagles song about what happens what you're not the only one she's got eyes for.  Glenn Frey's on vocals.  And I love Joe Walsh's guitar on this one.  Originally from Hotel California, here's " New Kid in Town"
Michael Vick Wants To Own A Dog
Americans are well known for their ability to forgive. Take Michael Vick, the guy outraged most of the nation just a couple years ago for running a disgusting dog fighting operation, and now plays amazing football. But, have American's forgiven him to the point where they'd accept him owni…