What We Want To See On Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray, as you can see, is very quickly taking over DVDs.  If you didn’t already know, Blu-Ray is the High Definition version of what a DVD can offer.
Peter Frampton Reveals Plans For New Concert DVD
Who doesn’t love some Peter Frampton?  Good news, the guitar legend has announced that he is putting together a DVD that will feature performances from his most recent tour commemorating the 35th anniversary of his classic Frampton Comes Alive! album.
Netflix May Have to Pay $100,000 for Qwikster Twitter Account
Chances are good at least one “d’oh!” was uttered in at least one Netflix conference room Tuesday morning.
It seems the company, which on Monday announced it would split up its service and re-brand the DVD-delivery side Qwikster, neglected to lock up the name on Twitter. Now Jason Castillo, who’s own…
Ways To Rent A Movie Other Than Netflix
Netflix Update: The cost of a Netflix movie subscription is going up, and way up. It's increasing so much that many customers of Netflix are becoming former customers. What will people do to get their movies?