UPDATE: Jasper Has Been Found
UPDATE: 01/12/2015 06:30am  "Jasper" has been located.  The Utica Police Department is thanking "Jan from New Hartford" after the dog, who had gone earlier this weekend, was reunited with his family.
Celeberate National Dog Week This Week
It's "National Dog Week", and if you're a dog lover like I am, you'll want to give your furry friend and extra hug. Dogs are great companions, and no matter what breed, from pedigrees to mutts, they're always happy to see you when you come home for the day!
Introducing The ‘Perfect Pitch’ Piano Dogs
Perfect pitch is one of the most sought after skills that a musician can acquire, some are born with it and some learn it over time, but how jealous would you be if you found out that animals could possess this discernment as well?
Take In A Dog Show This Weekend
If you love dogs as we do in the McShea household, you may enjoy the dog show through this weekend in at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. Check out the details.
Westminster Dog Show ‘Best In Show’ Winner: Sky
For the past two nights, my wife and I watched the "138th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show" from Madison Square Garden. Last night "Best In Show" was awarded to a wire fox terrier named, "Sky", and there was a very interested party watching that …
If You Love Dogs, Here’s Your Show
The Greg McShea family are dog lovers, and if you're one too, then tune in to one of our favorite annual TV events, "The 138th Westminster Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show" tonight and Tuesday. Here are the details.

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