Onondaga County Sheriff’s Rescue Local Dog
Members of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office and the Moyers Corners Fire Department are local heroes for one dog in the Town of Clay. Both teams responded to the NYS Wildlife Management Area for an ice rescue call involving a dog, and were successful.
Nope, My Dog Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing That
We at the Cristi household live in a divided home...and I wonder, is it me, or do most pet owners feel this way? I think it is not appropriate to dress the family pet in strange unflattering clothing. Quite frankly I feel it's humiliating for the pet!
Lainey’s Army Seeking Donations After Rescuing 50 Dogs
Anytime there is an animal in need in Central New York you can almost guarantee that the amazing volunteers from Lainey's Army are somewhere close by to help pick up the pieces. They are in constant need of donations and support, but things are about to get very challenging as they will soon ta…

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