dirty laundry

Britney Spears Baby Drama All Just A Web Hoax
In the world where things go viral on the web so fast, it looks like Britney Spears was a victim of a web hoax. On the web yesterday (12/27), there was reports that Christopher Federline, the brother of Brit's ex husband Kevin Federline, filed a lawsuit alleging he fathered his brother's o…
Is “Storage Wars” Fake?- Dave Hester Claims Yuppp
Have you ever seen “Storage Wars” on A&E? I'm guessing you have. It follows a group of people who buy storage units. Yup, the show goes to auctions on storage units. You get to watch people buy junk. Sometimes through that junk there is a gem. But is this gem…
Stephen Baldwin Arrested On Tax Charges
Stephen Baldwin, the other Baldwin, was arrested in New York today on charges that he's "repeatedly" failed to file tax returns. I'm guessing it was an accident. No one accidently forgets to file with Uncle Sam.

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