New iPhone App Rewards Healthy Eating
One of the biggest problems when trying to lose weight is staying motivated and engaged in the challenge every day. Well technology is a wonderful thing, and Apple wants to help you lose weight!
Potatoes Help Pack On The Pounds
Potatoes are known as an inexpensive, fat-free and cholesterol-free source of vitamins and fiber. They are just good eats! However too much of a good thing is never a good idea.
Chowdown With Chip: Muffins On The Go
Ok, I might have an issue if you start picking on my muffins.  Recalling the episode of "Seinfeld where Elaine's former boss opens a "Top of the Muffing to You", where the tops of the muffin only were sold.  Well, bad news is that these types of muffins aren…
Jenny Craig VS Weight Watchers: Best Diet Revealed
What is the best diet? Jenny Craig? Weight Watchers? Atkins? South Beach? Consumer Reports Health has finally answered the question that  Americans who want to shed the pounds have been asking for years. According to their research Jenny Craig is the way to go:
the overall winner is Jenny Craig, the …
Chowdown With Chip – “Guy Foods” That Are Good For You
This week we will look at a few "guy foods" during Chowdown with Chip.
What comes to mind when you think of a hearty meal? For most men, the thought of a juicy steak with a heaping side of potatoes or a big bowl of  pasta is enough to make even the pickiest eater's mo…
Chowdown With Chip – Essential Fatty Acids?
Omega-3S, essential fatty acids in which Americans are known to be deficient, have a wide range of impressive health benefits from smoothing your skin and aiding weight loss to boosting your mood and minimizing the effects of arthritis.  However, the ability of Omega-3S, found in oily fish (like sal…
Chowdown With Chip – Eat More Fruit And Veggies!
Chowdown with Chip – - Yes, we know, DUH. But we could all use the reminder. Don't go looking for quick fixes and tricks without accepting that fruit and veggies are GREAT for you and you should eat a ton of the fresh stuff. If you always end up with a fridge full of rotten produce, stock…
Chowdown With Chip – Myths About Food
Myth #1: Too much protein hurts your kidneys
Reality: Protein helps burn fat, build muscle, and won’t harm your kidneys at all
Way back in 1983, researchers discovered that eating more protein increases the amount of blood your kidneys filter per minute...

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