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Crazy Weight Loss Tricks That Work
We are getting very close to "eating season," with holiday meals and parties at every turn. Turkeys, pasta, pies, oh my! If you're interested in enjoying yourself in the coming weeks, and you're not looking to pack on the pounds, consider using these weight loss tricks fr…
The U.S. Is The Most Obese Country
Congrats, American once again proved the world that we can accomplish anything. From the good, to the bad, we always strive! According to a new study, the United States is the world leader in obesity. Ouchhhhh.
Mindless Habits That Cause Weight Gain
I’ve been on a diet, and exercising like crazy lately. But much of our diets really depend on what we do each and every day. Sometimes we're on autopilot, and make bad choices without even knowing it.
Jenny Craig VS Weight Watchers: Best Diet Revealed
What is the best diet? Jenny Craig? Weight Watchers? Atkins? South Beach? Consumer Reports Health has finally answered the question that  Americans who want to shed the pounds have been asking for years. According to their research Jenny Craig is the way to go:
the overall winner is Jenny Craig, the …