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Dennis DeYoung Brings the Music of Styx to Nashville
Former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung brought his solo show titled 'The Music of Styx' to Nashville's historic War Memorial Auditorium on Friday night (June 28). The show is billed as a Styx greatest hits show, and that's exactly what DeYoung delivered, turning back the clock for t…
Dennis DeYoung Says He Would Reunite With Styx
He was a big part of helping to build their success story, and although Dennis DeYoung has been out of Styx for more than a decade, he says that if the opportunity were to present itself, he’d be game to return to the band.
Styx Reunion With Dennis DeYoung Will Never Happen!
Styx fans have been hoping for more than a decade that the band would reunite with former lead singer Dennis DeYoung. Styx fans don't hold your breath. Styx guitarist and vocalist Tommy Shaw told Rolling Stone magazine in a recent interview that a reunion with DeYoung is never going to happen: