Amish Dating Service In Time For Valentine’s Day
Are you churning butter and raising barns alone? Well, when life wears you down contact out friends over at Amish Dating Service and find a ray of sunshine in your life! Seriously, this site exist. Try finding love with this new Amish dating service.
Rules For Your Daughter’s Date On Valentine’s Day
Are you the dad of a teenager girl?  I am.  If you are, then I think you can relate to how I feel about my daughter dating and how protective, or overprotective, according to her.  Ok, maybe I’m a little cliché, but if you follow these simple guid…
Being Surrounded by Women Could Actually Save You Money
If you paid attention in high school economics, you already know the theory of supply and demand: the more of something there are, the less value they have. Seems the same thing applies to dating, because new research shows men are more likely to spend money on a woman if he thinks she’s his one sho…
3 New Places To Meet Women
If you are hoping to meet women, but tired of patrolling the bars you need some new places to check out. Here are some cool non-bar spots according to MadeMan where to meet women:
4 Weird Dating Sites That Really Exist
If you’re single, it’s nice to believe that “there’s somebody out there for everyone” even if you’re a freak, or just a tad bit odd. The miracle of the Internet helps make finding your freak-mate much better …

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