Cute Toddler Insists He Didn’t Eat the Cupcake! [VIDEO]
Little kids are terrible liars, but it's okay because it's pretty cute when they try to. This little guy just couldn't resist the cupcakes with the blue frosting. When his dad asked him about his eating the tasty treat, he insisted it wasn't him. Looks like he was caught blue han…
Student Suspended for Making Worst Cupcake Ever
You can argue whether frosting or buttercream or ganache makes the best addition to a cupcake.  We’re pretty sure no one would debate for what a teenager in St. Paul, Minnesota allegedly filled a cupcake with for his classmate — semen.
Recipe: Bombs Or Cupcakes?
Britain's spy agencies have a new message for terrorists: make cupcakes, not war.  Intelligence agents managed to hack into the extremist Inspire magazine, replacing its bombmaking instructions with a recipe for cupcakes.  It's the first time the agents sabotaged the English-lang…