Syracuse Musicians Get Both Your Jam And Eat On July 19th!
Musicians love to ingest two things more than anything else: Of course, music of all varieties, and right behind that (also of all varieties) is FOOD! Well, maybe there's a couple of other things music makers dig, BUT now the only thing to figure out is when and where!
Ready, Set, Grill!
It’s that time of year again.  We all head outside, spark up the grill to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes…The BBQ.
2.6 Billion BBQs Held Every Summer And Other Amazing Picnic Stats
Following the Memorial Day Weekend, Chip is officially in Summer mode and nothing says Summer like cookouts and camping!  The family and I enjoyed a very peaceful weekend camping by the lake.  Mealtime is easy when you do most of the prep these delicious kebabs that consisted of ch…