2016 Veterans Day Restaurant Military Discounts and Freebies
Coming up on Friday November 11th we will be honoring Veteran's on Veterans Day. They will be able to enjoy plenty of deals and free items here in Utica, Rome, and Syracuse. That’s the least we can do to thank the men and women who have served our country in the United States mi…
What In The World Is Crispy Cornell Chicken?
Following our rant over the New York Times naming Cornell Chicken as the main dish of Syracuse, it got us wondering: What in the world is Cornell Chicken? It's actually a pretty common dish/recipe here in Upstate New York.
The Rome Rescue Mission Is Running Short On Food
Maybe you donate to the The Rome Rescue Mission's food pantry around the holidays. While that is important, you should also know that they serve meals to clients throughout the entire year. It appears they are running out of some food supplies. Are you willing to donate?

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