Don Rickles, Iconic Comedian and Actor, Dead at 90
Don Rickles’ talents were seemingly limitless: An outrageous insult comic, a gifted dramatic actor, a welcome sight on stages and screens (big and small), and a constant presence whose career endured for decades, often surpassing his contemporaries. And now he’s gone on to join them, a…
Is Comedian Andy Kaufman Alive? [VIDEO]
I love conspiracy theories, and now a rather credible source is claiming that comedian Andy Kaufman, who died back in 1984 is alive! The urban myth about Kaufman's ultimate joke of faking his own death might be real!
Pete Holmes Does James Bond – As A Lightweight
What if comedian Pete Holmes was cast as the mysterious and dashing Agent 007 himself? But what if he also got gradually sloshed from take after take of what were supposed to be prop vodka martinis but ended up being the real thing instead