Can You Buy Campbell’s Soup K-Cups?
We've all grown to love Keurig and our single-serve pods of coffee and tea. Wouldn't it be nice if we could do that with soup? Keurig and Campbell's Soup Co. have partnered to sell single-serve Fresh-Brewed Soup in K-Cup pods.
This Could Be The Worst Coffee Trend I Have Ever Seen
On any given day, even the littlest things never cease to amaze me.  Did you hear about this next trend for coffee drinkers?  For me my first thought when I hear “new coffee trend” is did they come up with a new flavor?  A new way of brewing?  A biodeg…
Good News For Coffee Drinkers
Listen up coffee drinkers.  This is what you you always love to hear, myself included. There are some serious benefits to drinking coffee.
Are We Consuming Too Much Caffeine?
A lot of people, myself included, need that jump start in the morning.  I'm not talking about hooking cable up to my car runs fine...for now.  I'm talking about that elixir of the  But of course, like everything, too much of a good thing is not al…
Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee Is Back Sep 1
Happy Friday  folks.   Chip here, black coffee drinker since nineteen ninety something.  Yeah, I’m that guy that doesn’t put anything in the coffee…no sugar, no cream, nothing.  I was a firm believer that coffee was meant to be consumed…

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