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Happy Birthday Donald Duck [VIDEO]
Today marks Walt Disney's Donald Duck's 80th birthday (and he doesn't look a day over 9). Donald Duck was always one of my favorite cartoon characters, even though I could never understand a word he said.
See How Calvin & Hobbes Would Look as a Cartoon
If Bill Watterson had ever animated 'Calvin and Hobbes,' perhaps this is what it would have looked like. Redditor AdamAnimates used Watterson's drawing as keyframes to make this cartoon.
The cartoon was made using Flash, with Watterson's art dropped into the program and traced over to give the charac…
Classic Easter Cartoons – Video Round-Up
Like many holidays, kids get the better end of the deal come Easter time. After all, it's the parents who stock giant baskets with mounds of chocolatey goodness, a wad of Easter cash, new spring clothes and adorable stuffed bunny rabbits. And it's the parents who plan expansive Easter egg hunts and …