classic album covers

Classic Album Covers- Silk Degrees
The year: 1976. The month: March. You’re looking for a new sound, you want some new music. What were you spinning at your parties? Boz Scaggs’s new album “Silk Degrees”.
Classic Album Covers- Breakfast In America
The year is 1979, the date March 29th. Even though most people were listening to the number one song in America from The Bee Gees "Tragedy", you wanted something different. You wanted something incredible. You wanted Supertramp.
Classic Album Covers- I Can’t Stand Still
It’s Friday August 13th of 1982. Your miserable at home because the summer heat is killing you. You’re miserable watching the news and seeing all the horrible “Dirty Laundry”. You decide to take a drive out to Oneida Lake and you turn on yo…
Classic Album Covers- Peter Gabriel
It’s Friday, May 30th 1980. Your Dad’s eyes are glued to the TV to watch baseball. He’s probably watching that game where Minnesota Twins player Ken Landreaux ended his hitting streak after a legendary 31 games. Either way, he’s distracted. You and your friends decide to take his car. You take it ou…
Classic Album Covers- About Face
Let’s take you back to March of 1984. You were hanging with friends in your garage drinking some Utica Club blasting music. It was a party. You were sick of your old 45’s. Some at your party brought over a new album. It was David Gilmour’s “About…