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Keep Up With Your Kids With Cell Phone Apps
Cell phones…seems like just about everyone has one these days, including children I’ve seen as young as 10 years old.  Probably younger, but that’s the youngest that I have seen so far.  They have rapidly become a large part of our day to day life, th…
Bad News For Your Teenager….Or Maybe You
The study is in and it has been determined that if you yak yak yak on your cell phone for more than an hour a day, you could be subjecting yourself to inner ear damage and a loss of hearing.
Cops Say Drunk Driver “Butt Dialed” 911
Police in Tacoma, Washington say a driver literally got himself arrested Tuesday evening, when he repeatedly butt-dialed 911 while drunk behind the wheel.  
Cops traced the call, and caught up with the unidentified suspect's car just as he ran a red light. Officers tried to pull the vehicle over onl…

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