Bryan Singer Producing ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot?
It has nothing to do with that other 'Twilight,' nor is it merely a series about a scary door, but 'The Twilight Zone' might be ready for a new generation. Sources are saying that acclaimed 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' director Bryan Singer has closed a deal to update the sci-fi/horror classic antho…
‘Hawaii Five-0′ Is Just Straight-Up Remaking Episodes Now
By now, the world audience understands the rules of a reboot. One can pay gentle homage to past iterations, while crafting a new and unique vision of the source material. You certainly never remake something shot for shot in the vein of Gus Van Sant's take on 'Psycho,' but it seems CBS' 'Hawaii Five…
Big Brother 14- Surprise Eviction Night
Our house guests were surprised with an eviction last night. Julie piped into the house guests when they least expected. It was a typical night in the house:Dan was napping, Ian was listening to music and Shane didn’t have pants on. So what went down?

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