Highest Calorie Thanksgiving Foods
The best part about Thanksgiving might possibly be the food right? Well, Thanksgiving isn't generally the lowest calorie holiday. Here's a list of the highest calorie Thanksgiving foods.
Do You Know How Many Calories In That Fast Food Burger?
According to a recent study…Ok, Chip here, so you know something crazy usually follows those words, right?  Americans are horrible at estimating the number of calories in their fast food meals. 
This is likely a good thing.  Why?  We’re pretty good at finding fast food place and we rarely have probl…
Chowdown With Chip – Tuesday 1/25 Add Some Ice
Though the increase is modest, there is some evidence that drinking cold water can cause a slight surge in metabolic rate. Since your body maintains a core temperature around 98.6°F, cold water will be brought to that temperature after being consumed and calories are burned during the warming pr…
Chip’s Chow – Start Your Meal With Soup
Soup is one of the most filling foods around, and a big bowl of it is a great way to avoid higher-calorie temptations. Many soups are low in calories and high in fiber, making them healthy and satisfying. According to a Penn State University study, women who had chicken and rice soup as a snack righ…