Rome ‘Spare A Toy’ Bowling Event
Are you a fan of bowling? Are you looking to donate to a charity this holiday season? Combine both passions with the "Spare A Toy" bowling event taking place at King Pin Lanes in Rome.
Watch Bowling Tips For Left And Right Handers [VIDEO]
Bowling has never been one of my best sports. Of course golf, tennis, baseball, football and basketball have never been my best sports either, although I wasn't too bad at playing cards. With many bowling leagues this time of year in central New York, I thought a bowling tip from a pro (not fro…
Alley Cats & Dogs Fundraiser Coming Up At King Pin Lanes July 21st
After moving into our new apartment my girlfriend and I knew we had something missing, a pet. We both grew up in households with cats and dogs, and we both felt lonely. We looked all over for weeks for our perfect cat, and finally we found our furry fit. We made a trip to the Rome Humane Society on …