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Bobby Valentine to Be Named Boston Red Sox Manager
Bobby Valentine will be the new Boston Red Sox manager, as soon as the two sides get the contract worked out. The 61-year-old former Rangers and Mets skippper has a career record of 1,117–1,072 as a manager, but he hasn’t managed in the US since 2002.
Valentine found success in…
MLB to Investigate Drinking in Boston Red Sox Clubhouse This Season
The policy allowing some Major League Baseball players to drink in clubhouses is coming under scrutiny. MLB Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Joe Torre is reviewing the policy, specifically the drinking that happened in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse this past season.
Pending the results …
Alec Baldwin Pees His Pants for the New York Yankees [VIDEO]
Any sports fan knows that the slightest change in their in-season rituals can have a great influence over whether their favorite team wins or loses.
So that’s why Yankees fan Alec Baldwin refuses to indulge his intense urge to urinate while watching his home team play John K…
Which Baseball Fans are the Biggest Homers?
The folks in New York and Boston may be the loudest when it comes to heaping praise on their favorite hometown baseball players, but they are far from the most biased when it comes to being homers — you know, showing too much love for the players on their teams.
Fenway Will Serve Beer In Record Speeds
As we make our way toward opening day of the Major League Baseball season, there's a lot to look forward to such as great baseball, warmer weather, and beer. If you plan on going to any games at Fenway Park expect your beer to be served super fast.