Could This Be The Latest Gas Saver? [VIDEO]
If they were to manufacture these, I would be first in line to get one.  Hey, I could stand to lose a few pounds and I would love to save money by not having to visit the gas pumps so often.
Ever Heard Of ‘Cycle Ball’? Me Neither, Watch
As a kid I remember having a crazy thought once when I rolled up to a stationary basketball just lying there, "I wonder if I can whack this with my front wheel and send it flying..." That thought ended with me on the ground and the ball basically laughing at me so like many thought…
Deer Attacks Cyclist Video- Jeffro Gets Served By A Deer
Have you ever hit a deer with your car? It can be a nightmare. It's truly scary, and it can be really frighting. Can you imagine being in a race and hitting a deer while riding a bike? This guy named Jeffro found that out the hard way when he got served by a deer. Check out the "D…
Where Do People Walk and Bike the Most?
In its biannual benchmark report, the Alliance for Biking and Walking has announced the cities and states with the greatest percentage of cyclists and walkers — and the results have people talking.
Ouch! Bike Racer Completely Forgets About Hurdle
When it comes to traditional forms of bike racing, staying on the bike is rule number one. With Cyclocross on the other hand, dismounting and dodging obstacles is par for the course. While we’re sure Cyclocross is tons of fun, from the looks of this video, it can also be pretty painful if, like Joey…