10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bigfoot
Even if you don't believe that Bigfoot is real, you should read this list. You never know when Bigfoot is going to be the topic of conversation at a cocktail party, and if there's one thing that's important in life, it's being entertaining at cocktail parties. And candied peanuts…
One Million Dollars To Whoever Can Safely Capture Bigfoot
I was a little shocked when I read, the other day, that one in seven Americans actually believe that Bigfoot is real.  I really would have thought more.  If he (or she…I don’t think that has ever been determined) is right, someone could be in the money very soon.
New Claims Of Bigfoot Sighting Caught On Video
Two hikers in Utah were caught by surprise when filming what they suspected to be a bear. Is it Bigfoot? Is it another elaborate hoax? Whatever it was I would have run the other way too. Check out the video and decide for yourself.
Dude Dies While Pretending to Be Bigfoot
Randy Lee Tenley of Montana decided to drink his Sunday away like any other red-blooded American.  He couldn’t just pass out like everyone else though.  Oh no, he decided to pull a prank.  This prank, however, wasn’t a very well thought out because…
How Long Will We Chase Bigfoot?
I remember stories of Bigfoot from when I was a child.  I recall going to see the movie "Mysterious Monsters" with my dad.  So how long are we going to chase after Sasquatch without any hardcore evidence that he exists?