Food Pairings With Beer
We've heard wine aficionados discuss what wines to serve with certain foods, but beer also has some especially good food pairings. With "Utica On Tap" coming to the Stanley Theater on March 22nd, here are some tips on matching beer with food.
Spring Has Arrived At Saranac
Even though the groundhog saw his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter, the Matt Brewing Company is ringing in spring! Check out the latest arrival.
Let’s Take The Brooklyn Brewery Tour [VIDEO]
As a former tour guide at the Matt Brewing Company during my college days, I am always interested in brewery tours. Thanks to the New York Moment campaign, we can now take a video tour of one of New York's finest craft brewers, the Brooklyn Brewery.
Voting For Saranac Legacy IPA Ends Tonight
Maybe you've heard about or tried Saranac Legacy IPA beer. Now's your chance to voice your choice! You have until 8:00 p.m. EST tonight to cast your vote for this brew from the Matt Brewing Company. Here's what it's all about.
It’s The Battle Of The Super Beers On Super Sunday
Just when you've thought you've heard every angle of this Sunday's Super Bowl XLVIII, here's another one. As the resident "brew master" of Oldiez 96.1, I wanted to share  with you the battle of the beers. Here's what Denver Broncos fans versus Seattle …

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