Toast Octoberfest With Dundee Oktoberfest Beer
Yes, it's not even close to October, but more and more breweries are rolling out their Octoberfest beers. This time, it's Dundee Oktoberfest (another one using a "k" in October), from Dundee Ales & Lagers of Rochester New York. Here's more on the brew.
Saranac Rolls Out Octoberfest
'Tis the season for seasonal beers (pun intended) ahead of the season! Yes, Octoberfest beers are making their way onto store shelves, and now Saranac Octoberfest, from the F.X. Matt Brewery has arrived. This style of beer is one of my favorites - a bit more malty and less hoppy than other brew…
Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest Beer Now Available [VIDEO]
Another Octoberfest beer is now available in central New York...Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest, from the Leinenkugel Brewing Company of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. I still don't know why some breweries call their fall brew Oktoberfest with a "k" or Octoberfest with a "…
‘Brew Dogs’ Pour It On Every Week [VIDEO]
A couple of weeks ago while channel surfing, I discovered the "Brew Dogs", two young and very Scottish brewmasters who host a TV show on the new Esquire Network. If you're into craft beer like I am, or not, these guys are funny and go on very interesting adventures.
Free Beer Tip With ‘Greg On The Go’ [VIDEO]
If you listen to 96.1 WODZ weekday afternoons, you may hear our "Beer Break At Work" at 3:20. Obviously, you can tell that I'm interest in the topic of beer. So, I thought for our latest video episode of "Greg On The Go", we would focus on suds!
Saranac Hop Harvest Coming August 24th
As a former tour guide at the F. X. Matt Brewing Company, I always look forward to "what's brewing" at the home of Saranac. I just learned that the fourth annual local "Saranac Hop Harvest" will take place on Sunday, August 24th in Bridgewater. Check out what…
Sam Adams Thinks It’s October
You've probably already seen Halloween items in the stores this summer, and now  Octoberfest beers are arriving in August. Specifically, Samuel Adams/The Boston Beer Company Octoberfest Beer is now on central New York store shelves.
The Top 3 India Pale Ales Made In New York
Today is IPA Day and for those of you who don't know what an IPA is it stands for India Pale Ale. Traditionally this particular type of beer contains a lot of hops, which gives it a dry and bitter taste. The IPA has been gaining popularity rapidly over the past 10 years and I have for you the T…

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