Saranac Beers Win Gold On World Stage
As a former tour guide at the F.X. Matt Brewery, I'm always interested to share the latest brews news about my Alma Mater. A number of Saranac beers have won gold medals in the "World Beer Awards 2014" competition.
Here Come The Pumpkin Beers [VIDEO]
Just as the craft beer shelves seem bursting with Octoberfest beers (which is fine with me), here come the pumpkin ales. One of the most popular pumpkin beers these days is "Pumpkinhead Ale" by Shipyard Brewing Company of Portland, Maine.
Sample A ‘Taste NY Harvest Fest’ At NYS Fairgrounds
Living in upstate New York, we can enjoy homegrown products from a number of farms, breweries, wineries and more. And, if you have a local food or beverage product, you might want to consider displaying it at the "Taste NY Harvest Fest 2014" at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syr…
Saranac ’12 Beers A Falling’ Have Arrived
I love those Saranac seasonal mix packs, because they give you a chance to sample various styles of beer. The latest seasonal 12 pack to arrive in stores is the Saranac "12 Beers A Falling". Here's what's inside this year.
Who Is ‘The Pope Of Foam’? [VIDEO]
I first heard of "The Pope Of Foam" while watching an episode of The Esquire Network's "Brew Dogs". He's Charlie Bamforth, an accomplished brew master who is well respected by all brewers. I've had a fascination with how beer is made ever since my c…

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