Winter Has Arrived At Saranac
It seems like breweries stay way ahead of the season these days, and now winter has arrived at Saranac! Actually, Saranac "12 Beers Of Winter" from the F.X. Matt Brewing Company is now available. Here's what's in this year's winter variety pack.
New Saranac Long John Lager For A Long Winter
'Tis the season for holiday and winter brews, and my friends at the F.X. Matt Brewing Company have just debuted a brand new winter seasonal beer...Saranac Long John Lager. I've tried it and give it two thumbs up! Here's more.
Watch The First Beer In Space [VIDEO]
If you are a "Muppets" fan like me, you may recall a sketch from their TV show called "Pigs In Space." Well, get ready for the first "Beer In Space." No, that's not the name of a new cheesy sci-fi movie, it actually happened.
Enter Yuengling Oktoberfest Beer
If you've been listiening to your "Beer Break At Work" weekday afternoons on 96.1 WODZ, you know by now that there are a number of Octoberfest beers out there. Enter "Yuengling Oktoberfest" from D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery of Pottsville, Pensylvania.

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