Beatles Weekend- Concert at Shea Stadium
The date was August 15th, 1965. They would play in front of a huge crowd at New York's Shea Stadium. The Beatles would only be on stage for about 30 minutes, but the footage will live on forever. Check out this memorable clip.
The Beatles Spotlight Weekend – Yesterday
Good morning, Chip Douglas here, I hope you are enjoying the Beatles music that we are spotlighting on the stati0n all weekend long!  One of my all time Favorites is this highly covered tune that once released, captured a newer, older audience.  Check out these tidbits about this great cla…
Ringo Starr Spews Details on Dealing With Preshow Jitters
There’s always a spring to 71-year-old Ringo Starr‘s step when he hits the concert stage, and the reason why is not something the former Beatles drummer acknowledges with pride.
It turns out that Starr, even with 50-plus years of concert performances under his belt, still suffers from stage fright. B…
Beatlemania Now! Great Show
I would personally thank all that came out to the Stanley Theater for the Arts tonight to catch the show. Thanks to Scot Arch and the rest of the crew for putting on a truly outstanding performance.
Roberta Flack Releases Beatles Tribute Album
Ever since the Beatles first arrived on the scene, interpretive singers have plucked through their catalog for material, either as one-offs or full-blown tribute albums. The latest comes from an unlikely source: Roberta Flack, whose latest album, ‘Let It Be Roberta: Roberta Flack Sings The Bea…
Paul McCartney’s Kisses On The Bottom
Paul McCartney's new project, "Kisses on the Bottom" is now available in stores. The title of the new project was taken from a song that McCartney covers in the new release. Here Sir Paul talks about the music and the artists that made "Kisses on the Bottom" such a special projec…
George Harrison Guitar App
So you want to see George Harrison's guitar collection. There's an app for that! Or at least there will be next month. Bandwith Publishing in conjunction with Harrison's estate will release the new iPad app on iTunes February 23rd. The app will provide a virtual tour of Harrion's guitar collection:
Publishing Rights to Six Early Beatles Songs Sold
So as it turns out, the estate of Michael Jackson doesn’t own the global publishing rights to every Beatles song ever. In fact, the North American rights to six early Fab Four songs have just been snapped up by a company you’ve probably never even heard of.
Beatles Yellow Submarine App
The Beatles Yellow Submarine, there's an app for that! The new Yellow Submarine app is based on the book based on the movie based on the song. The new Beatles app features animated illustrations and text from the 2004 book and 14 video clips from the original 1968 film...

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